The firm has gained considerable experience in giving advice to the financial market, applying regulatory and supervisory rules also with regard to the relationship between investors and financial institutions (banks, broker-dealers, asset management companies, insurance companies, trust companies , e-money institutions, pension funds, etc.). The firm assists clients in dealing with the relevant supervisory authorities (the Bank of Italy, Consob, IVASS, Covip).

Banking, securities, insurance and pension funds

  • Drafting of opinions
  • Drafting of contracts and incorporation charters
  • Assistance with regard to the application of financial regulation and supervision
  • Anti Money-Laundering rules
  • Relations between investors and financial institutions
  • Relations with the public Authorities

Antitrust and competition law

  • Advice and assistance for antitrust regulations, at both national and EU levels, and before the competent Authorities
  • Advice for the enforcement of consumer rights and consumer protection

Intellectual Property and E-Commerce

  • Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Design and Patent registration
  • Litigation
  • E-Commerce and distribution of goods